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The Home Pride Inspection process and the reports provided by Home Pride Inspections will provide the details our clients need to make educated decisions, prior to, or during the sale, based on the conditions found.  It is not pass or fail.  That is our clients choice. Home Pride gives you our client the facts with pictures.


You want a Las Vegas Home Inspection that is detailed and thorough?

Home Pride Inspections processes and reports cover all systems within the property lines. We offer services most Las Vegas and Henderson home inspectors don't. Termites/Wood rot inspections for VA loans and addtional peace of mind.  Sewer Main Line Camera inspections and Mold/Indoor Air Inspections. Do you want a total home inspection? 


You want a skilled and knowledgeable Las Vegas Home Inspector?

Each Home Pride Inspector has years of knowledge and skills to complete the inspection to the highest standards. Home Pride Inspectors can also test for Termite, MOLD, Sewer Drain LIne and HVAC Duct Videos. You want extras we have those too. One Inspection company, The Only Home Inspection company choice


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 We Inspect homes in Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Clark County.

Using 3D cameras and MATTERPORT software we can now provide you with 3D video and virtual walkthroughs of any property you want to buy, rent, or listing to sell. Can be viewed almost anywhere in the world at anytime. Have a better understanding of the layout of the home and it's surroundings. Great tool that can be used to measure rooms, windows, niches and more. The virtual doll house walkthrough, which can be viewed with VR classes, is as close to being real as actually being there. Click on the MATTERPORT logo above for a sample of what to expect.

Call now and ask for the MATTERPORT PACKAGE! (Additional charges and restrictions apply)

Home Inspections in Las Vegas are very different from other cities and states.  Our home inspectors have inspected houses and properties with raised foundations, slab on grade structures, stucco clad, wood clad, concrete tile roofs, asphalt roofs, different plumbing systems, you name it, we have inspected it. Home Pride Inspections carries  Error & Omissions and General Liability insurance policies 20 times what is the minimum requirments by the State of Nevada, we exceed new home builder requirements so that we can easily inspect your new home purchase. We are licensed and certified in the State of Nevada. This is especially important for those who are relocating ,Realtors, Lenders and other professionals that depend on Home Pride Inspections

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If you are relocating from anywhere in the world we have your best interest in mind and our professional home inspectors will take the time to inspect the property correctly and explain the findings to you.  We are an Elite class of home inspectors. If you have lived here you know what the desert can do to you and your property.  Our inspections and LAS VEGAS trained inspectors will help reveal any questions or doubts you have about the condition of the property or home you are about to purchase. 

Home Pride Inspectors are proud members of GLVAR and they all have SENTRI SMART LOCKS KEYS.  This allows our home inspectors access to homes for home inspections, which gives the agents and clients the option to be at the inspection or continue attending to their busy schedules.


When you choose Home Pride Inspections,

you will be satisfied.

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Termite and other wood destroying organisms can and will destroy your house.  So in addition to our Building and Home Inspection services, HOME PRIDE INSPECTIONS in LAS VEGAS has partnered up with WOODY'S PEST INSPECTIONS and their Termite Inspectors in order to simplify the property inspection process. Woody's Pest Inspectors provide a FHA/VA approved Termite report on site or emailed the same day of the home inspection.  No need to wait. We recognize the importance of an easy and quick selling process with less delays. 

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  • Certified Home Inspections by the State of Nevada
  • Certified Commercial Inspections (Up to 10,000 sq. ft.)


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  • Easy to read comprehensive computer generated reports
  • Report includes recommended repairs
  • Report emailed within 24 hours
  • Licensed, Insured and Certified Home Inspectors
  • HOME PRIDE CERTIFIED proven 15yr Inspection protocol.



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